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Our Services

Alarm Installation

A significant part of Insite’s work is in the design and installation of security systems for new or already completed dwellings and businesses from Puhoi to Waipu Cove.

For new buildings, everything can be started right at the planning stage and we can design the alarm system around the different features of the house or building and totally protect any vulnerable points.

We also fit alarms to existing buildings and can advise on the best solution for your home or business premise.

We also have extensive experience with remote and rural buildings as well as beach houses and baches, where remote monitoring, cameras and back-to-base alarms services are desirable.

Talk to us for a no-obligation, free security alarm consultation. Phone 09 425 7113 or contact us to arrange your appointment.

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Alarm Monitoring

Insite Security can take care of the full monitoring of your home, bach, rural property or business alarm systems.

We have installed and set-up the monitoring for literally thousands of properties across Rodney, the Hibiscus Coast and Kaipara Districts. This service is all part of our One Stop Shop for all of your security needs.

With a monitored alarm system, in the event that your alarm ever activates, one of our patrols can be immediately dispatched to check out the cause and take action as needed to resolve the situation.

Talk to us for a no obligation, free security alarm consultation. Phone 09 425 7113 or contact us to arrange your appointment.

Alarm Repair and Servicing

As with any other piece of electrical equipment, your alarm system needs regular care and maintenance to ensure peak performance at all times. After all, it’s useless to you if it fails when thieves come calling.

The technicians at Insite Security are experienced in all of the main alarm brands that are used in New Zealand. We can inspect your system and offer advice on the best solution for maintenance and regular servicing.

Contact us today.

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24/7 Security Patrols

Insite Security not only believes in talking about how we can help protect your family, home, business or possessions, we actually get out on the streets at all hours of the day and night and deter criminal activity.

These deterrents are usually a direct result of us patrolling the streets around customers’ businesses or homes (usually at night) and taking direct action against persons who might seek to steal from our customers or otherwise try and interfere with the smooth running of their lives.

We operate and show a strong presence in our districts and respond in a timely manner to all monitored alarm customers, providing safety for you and your property around the clock whether you’re home, on holiday or at work.

Talk to us for a no-obligation, free security consultation. Phone 09 425 7113 or contact us to arrange your appointment.

Safe and Secure CCTV

CCTV Camera systems have now become a significant and integral part of home and business security controls and protection.

Insite Security provides state of the art camera systems and solutions and automated gate and access control technology, all installed by our expert technicians.

We can install security cameras at your residence, business, farm, beach bach or any other site so you can monitor live or recorded activity when you are away from the premises.

For the highest quality security systems and products to protect your family, property or business (and to detect criminal behaviour) call us on 09 425 7113 and we will design a personalised system for your needs.

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Employee Theft Detection

Employee theft is a major issue for many businesses. It is a sad reality that these crimes are often carried out by longer-serving personnel because they have learnt how to circumvent procedures and hide their tracks.

Loss prevention is a real and ever-present issue, and Insite Security has helped numerous commercial enterprises detect employee theft and help in preventing further cases, saving them many thousands of dollars in lost income.

If you feel that there might be a problem in your business with employee theft please give us a call and we can carry out a discrete investigation for you.

Static Guards

Insite Security has a long track record protecting events and premises around our districts.

Our highly trained security staff are courteous and professional guards, providing the security your event needs while also maintaining a personable approach for your guests.

Our staff are also trained and licensed by the Justice Department.

If you require static guards for one-off events or even longer-term assignments for protection of people or property, please give us a call to discuss your needs.

We look forward to working with you and your upcoming event.

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Business Cash Collection

Cash on premises overnight is a magnet for thieves.

Remove temptation and secure your day’s takings with our fast, friendly and secure cash collection service.

Our staff can call on your business to collect secured cash boxes or banking bags, delivering them to the bank of your choice.

Our staff are trained to manage theft situations. Don’t put your own team at risk – talk to Insite.

For a no-obligation, free security consultation, phone 09 425 7113 or contact us to arrange your appointment.

We look forward to working with you.

Protect your nest today. Get in touch with the Insite Security team.

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