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Burglary - in the event that you ever suffer the misfortune of a burglary at your home or place of business, there is much you are able to do to assist the Police in their efforts to track down the offender/s. Here are some tips that will make the Police's job a lot easier and could make the difference between you being able to recover some of your precious belongings or not.

1. Preserve the scene - This is essentially Police language for leaving everything (or as much as possible) as it was when you discovered the Burglary or Theft.

2. This would include; Point of Entry & Point of Exit (more Police words for where the burglar entered and exited your property) down to the actual places within your building where items have been removed from or the burglar has visited.

3. If the burglary is still 'fresh' e.g the burglars have just left your property - avoid walking around outside your building - the Police may bring in a Police dog to try & track the offender/s and any new scents may confuse them.

4. When phoning for the police try and avoid using the phone on your premises. Burglars will sometimes make phone calls to associates from the premises they are burgling & you may end up wiping important fingerprints off your phone.

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