Director Profile – Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is the director of Insite Security. We asked Chris how he came to be the owner of Insite Security and a little about his background and family.

Chris is an Auckland boy (Balmoral) and has spent most of his life in the Auckland area.

He joined the NZ Police in 1979 at the tender age of 17 and spent 12 months in training as a Cadet at the old Police College in Trentham. He says adapting to police expectations was rather a shock. After graduation he was posted to Auckland to walk the beat for 9 months before being approached to join the Police’s undercover programme. With no real idea of what he was letting himself in for (it sounded pretty glamorous though!) he agreed and was soon after dispatched to a secret training camp to learn how to be a criminal. After two weeks basically unlearning all the things the Police had previously taught him he was unleashed on the criminal fraternity of Auckland and found himself actively buying heroin, LSD, pound lots of cannabis, guns and all manner of stolen property from various criminals about the place. He became involved with some of the New Zealand members of the Mr Asia Syndicate. Because of his physical size these people began using him as a bodyguard for some of their larger drug deals – a very handy role to have as a Police Officer! After 18 months on undercover duties the operation was terminated and around 60 offenders were arrested on numerous drug and criminal offences.

After this Chris went back into uniform duties for another year and then joined the CIB for 2½ years of training to become a Detective.

In 1985 the Rainbow Warrior was blown up in Auckland Harbour and he was put on the four-man Suspect Squad. This was a fascinating enquiry and he was involved in the interviews of the two French Agents who were captured in New Zealand and also few to Norfolk Island to assist in the interviews of the crew of the Ouvea yacht. He says these were some of the toughest people he had ever met in his life. He spent the last three years of his time in the Police as a Detective on the Auckland Drug Squad – work that he hugely enjoyed.

In 1990, newly married he found himself becoming disillusioned with police work and outcomes and determined that a change was necessary. He was contacted by the former Assistant Commissioner of Police (Graham Perry) who was then running Telecom Security and he was offered the role as a Security Manager for their Auckland operation. He left the Police and joined two other former Detectives investigating fraud and theft throughout Telecom and their subsidiaries. His undercover training helped him again in this role. In one instance posing as a criminal he was able to resolve a major theft enquiry.

Following Telecom he spent three years with Power NZ as their Credit and Revenue Protection Manager and five years with PMP Communications as their National Operations Manager. and after a year break three years with the Todd group.

In 2000 he had taken a year out working on their small farm in Dairy Flat. While enjoyable this was not financially rewarding but it gave the family their introduction to the area. After Todd’s he really felt the need to get out of the Corporate environment and do something ‘off my own bat’.

The opportunity arose to acquire a small security business “Securitall” which provided total security services in Warkworth and Insite Security was born. The family initially relocated in Warkworth but later to Omaha itself. Chris’s wife Anita is from Wellington and her parents are Dutch and settled in NZ in the ’50s They have been married 20 years and have two boys, Nicky (12) and Tyler (10). Chris and Anita work full-time at Insite Security and now have around 18 staff. Insite has been a real success story.

Chris has given a lot to the Omaha Beach Community. There is much that he and Insite do for us that is never charged and we are very lucky to have him as a resident and friend. There are so many good stories about him and of course he shares many of these in his Insert. Now we know his background a little better it is easy to understand why he is so effective at his work.

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