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Domestic & Commercial New Alarm Systems

A significant part of Insite’s work is in the design and installation of security systems for new or already completed dwellings & businesses from Mangawhai through to Whangaparaoa.

New buildings are obviously easier to work with as everything can be started right at the planning stage and we can design the alarm system around the different features of the house or building and totally protect any vulnerable points.

If you are about to build a new house or any sort of building that requires an alarm system installation, there are three stages where Insite Security can be of assistance to you.

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Alarm Installation

the new build alarm installation process

Security System Design & Planning

Design and planning of your security system is vital to its success. Everyone has different needs and requirements of a Security System. Insite will personalise your alarm to provide the highest levels of protection whilst also giving you the freedom to enjoy your new home.

Pre-Wire of Your Security System

This process occurs at around the same time as your electrician is carrying out the pre-wire for all of your electrical appliances.

While we have some of the best electricians and tradesmen in the country available in Warkworth, Wellsford and Mangawhai, please, please try and avoid having your electrician carrying out the pre-wire of your alarm system as an add-on to the electrical work that he is undertaking.

Too often we are called out to finish the fitting-off of an alarm system to find;

  • Movement Detectors (PIR’s) and Electronic Smoke Detectors have been wired in completely inappropriate parts of the house that will ultimately provide limited protection against fire or burglary.
  • The pre-wire and other alarm installation work has been carried out by an unlicensed person and can therefore invalidate any insurance claim you might need to make if a fire or burglary does occur. (Only Ministry of Justice licensed technicians are allowed by NZ law to advise upon or install security systems).
  • If your burglar alarm has been installed by an unlicensed tradesperson, please give us a call and we can carry out a full system survey for you and then sign-off on the work once it is compliant with NZ Security Industry standards.
  • Favourably it costs no more and is often significantly cheaper to have Insite Security carry out the whole of this specialised work for you.

Alarm Programming

This stage is virtually one of the last processes before your new home is completed and we generally come in after the painters have finished their work.

At this time, all of your security system devices are permanently fitted and then programmed to report and act through the ‘brains’ of the alarm system, the Control Panel.

Training on system use and programming of unique codes for your Access Requirements are also undertaken at this point.

If your alarm is monitored, we will also record and load your instructions of us as to what action you require of us in the event of an activation?

Wireless Alarm systems

With homes or business buildings that are already built (where cabling may no longer be possible), we have some excellent options available with new, state of the art, wireless systems – much of these systems can be installed without the need for visible cabling showing around the interior of your home. If you are unsure if this solution is right for you call us on 09 425 7113 to find out more

Alarm Systems Brands

Insite Security; supplies, installs and services virtually all of the main stream alarm systems – this includes; Paradox, DSC, Micron, Elite, Bosch, Solution. Phone 09 425 7113 now to arrange a consultation or email us about alarm systems.